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What is ALKapital?

ALKapital – Corporate Finance is a company that helps organizations across the private, public, and social sectors to create efficiency. We support our clients to transform their organizations through digital transformation and analytics into core processes and mind-sets, that help to thrive in an ever-changing context. We combine global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality.

Our integrated team of economists, lawyers, accountants, and consultants advises organizations, suppliers and borrowers to help identify, evaluate and implement opportunities to restore stability, unlock and create added value and improve efficiency.

Our global network of contacts of deal advisory professionals help to simplify the restructuring process by selecting the key questions needed to solve your organization problems.

How can you deliver efficiency and profitability to the bottom line?

What are the benefits and risks of Restructuring in Portugal?

How to mitigate risks that threaten organizations’ productivity?

How to improve operations and achieve measurable results?

Corporate Finance

We take pride in optimizing and maximizing your shareholder value. Take advantage of our expertise in controlling sources of funding, the capital structure of companies, and experience in working with investment firms that raise million-euro funds and roll out investor portals.

When you choose ALKapital for fundraising, fund reporting, or portfolio company management, we ensure the world-wide best practices on setting up indexes and objectives.

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Successful investments are always associated with big risks, and ALKapital is here to deliver to you the maximum ROI on every step.

Our portfolio management expertise and vast experience in investment strategy and portfolio diversification are the guarantees that we will provide you consistent results while working within your risk comfort zone.

ALKapital provides the full scope of investment management services in order to maximize capital gain and income: investment project, risk assessment, operations with equity, and, mergers and acquisitions. Let's get in touch and make your next success possible.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

A merger, or an acquisition, is a big step whether you are downsizing or growing your enterprise, and ALKapital will work together with your business, prospects, and investors doing all due diligence to successfully close a deal and complete any transaction of assets.

We know what you care about while changing the nature of your business or its competitive position - a fair price for your assets throughout these challenging times.

We minimize bureaucracy and stand for strategic management by preparing a detailed overview of your company position in the market, speeding up decision times for potential buyers, and having a thorough investigation of your company always available. Our in-house teams ensure you all comfort during your decision process.

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When your company encounters financial difficulties, or the only option is restructuring: a professional help with corporate management to respond to the crisis via repositioning, adjust to the new economic reality, ensure enough liquidity to operate during the implementation of a complete restructuring, produce accurate working capital forecasts to avoid bankruptcy, and make your enterprise more profitable.

Restructuring services imply temporary debt management with an obligation to impose a balance in the accounts and maintain sustainability. ALKapital helps you to open a clear line of communication with your creditors and debtors, start negotiations and reach an agreement, and, thus, get your business back on track before planning a strategy to improve your sales through an updated business plan.

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success stories

What our clients say about our services

The professional and specialized advice, the thoroughness and common sense of the presentend plan searching for common ground between the involved parties led to a successful outcome. Today, after 6 years, we keep a tragectory of growing success. Thank you!

Mário Moreira, General Manager at CAVES ALTOVISO

Um dos pontos mais importantes do trabalho, (...) foi em definir os critérios a desenvolver na implementação do nosso PER, com um aconselhamento dedicado, estando sempre presente na sua acão com muito qualidade, dedicacão, profissionalismo, responsabilidade e honestidade aprovando com excelencia o nosso PER.


Rigor, isencão, competência técnica e um acompanhamento de proximidade fizeram deste processo de insolvência um excelente pretexto para desfrutar da presenca de uma pessoa excepcional!

Susana de Queirós Advogada/Lawyer

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