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A correct diagnosis is three-fourths the remedy.

Mahatma Gandhi​

Why is a diagnostic essential?

Diagnostic assessments help to identify companies' problems and can do in different domains to support the project implementation. Our Restructuring Team will help clarify the problems' roots and define paths to follow.



There is nothing wrong with change...if it is in the right direction.

Winston Churchill

How to build a restructuring plan?

There are a variety of reasons a business may wish to restructure. The most common causes are that a company is struggling to operate under its current structure or is looking to prepare for a new opportunity, such as a takeover or expanding into new markets. Our Restructuring Team will help design the most accurate restructuring plan.


Debt Negotiation

Debt is the slavery of the free.​

Publilius Syrus

How to negotiate a term loan?

When negotiating a term loan, obtain information on the types of covenants you might demand either by visiting with financial officers in companies that have recently raised bank debt or by talking with lending officers to get a feel for the types of covenants that they might require. Our Restructuring Team will help with alternatives in your portfolio of creditors.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Risk comes from what you don't know.

Warren Buffett

How do we assess if a company is a good buy?

It's necessary to evaluate some of the more common and distinct financial risks, including credit, liquidity, and operational risks. Our Restructuring Team will help with such evaluation and clarify further steps in your recovery.



We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them.

Albert Einstein

What makes a good administrator?

Good administrators are not necessarily born; Good administrators may be developed. Our Restructuring Team will help with new models and administration methods in which further steps in your recovery are evident. It transcends the need to identify specific traits to provide a more helpful way of looking at the administrative process.